About DSC Space reservations:

  • These are not private study spaces.
  • Reservations are for groups of 2 or more (except the VizLab, which can be reserved by 1 person).
  • Submitted reservations are only requests—all reservations are mediated by DSC staff.
  • Booking DSC spaces is limited to 4 hours per day per patron. Groups with multiple patrons can have other members of their group book consecutive time if the group needs the space for longer.
  • VizLab reservations are prioritized for VR use—strictly study groups may be asked to share the space.

The DSC lab is a public space.  Several parts of the lab are not reservable and always open to the public except in special circumstances.  If you would like to work with the DSC to host a workshop for your class or group, please email us at digitalcommons@ucsc.edu to discuss possibilities for support.

Learn more about these spaces:

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