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Protocols.io : Introduction

Protocols.io : Introduction

Monday, May 13, 2024
11:00am - 12:00pm

Research papers and protocol organization in labs often lack detailed instructions for repeating experiments. protocols.io is an open-access platform for researchers to collaboratively create step-by-step, interactive and dynamic protocols that can be run on mobile or web. Researchers can share protocols with colleagues, collaborators, the scientific community or make them public, with ease and efficiency. Real-time communication and interaction keep protocols up to date with versioning, forking/copying, Q&A, and troubleshooting. Public protocols receive a DOI and allow open communication with authors and researchers to encourage efficient experimentation and reproducibility.

This 45-minute workshop will cover:

  1. Introduction to protocols.io’s mission and key functionality

  2. How to discover public protocols, create your own protocols, share methods with others, and how to publish protocols

  3. Q&A: We will stay online to answer any questions you have while you start to use protocols.io.

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UCSC is an institutional member of Protocols.io.