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Current Issues in Digital Scholarship Discussion Group (via Zoom)

Current Issues in Digital Scholarship Discussion Group (via Zoom)

Friday, October 29, 2021
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Digital Scholarship  
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Join us for this series of online conversations, where we’ll be discussing the issues and topics presented in the “Making Things and Drawing Boundaries: Experiments in the Digital Humanities” special issue.  The volume is published as an open access online book by Debates in the Digital Humanities.  The discussions throughout the 21/22 academic year are informed by the publication, but no reading is required to join this discussion.

We encourage you to join regardless of if you’ve read the articles or not.  You are invited to read any selection of the chapters below that interest you or to join the discussion and bring your own experiences.


Discussion prompts:

  • How does working with technology affect digital scholarship?  In what ways can we incorporate those effects into our considerations of what technologies we use?
  • What is making?  How do you incorporate it into your work?
  • What similarities and overlap exist between maker culture and digital humanities?
  • What does “digital humanities” or “digital scholarship” mean in your work?
  • How do creativity and scholarship interact in these realms?


Related Reading (not required):

The above questions were chosen based on the information presented in the following chapters.  We invite you to read any chapters that interest you prior to the discussion meeting and participate in an asynchronous discussion on the readings through our DH Debates reading group.  The built-in tool annotation tools will allow you to engage with comments from other readers in this group asynchronously between discussion meetings.  


This discussion will be virtual, and you will receive a Zoom link by email when you register.

Participants who register early will receive an email update with the discussion questions at the beginning of the month.


All discussions in this series:

10/29: Introduction
12/3: Making and the Humanities
1/28: Made by Whom? For Whom?
2/25: Making as Inquiry
3/31: Making Spaces and Interfaces
4/29: Making Spaces and Interfaces (continued)
5/27: Making, Justice, Ethics